Thursday, 21 May 2015


Business Seminar “In the footsteps of Prince Eugen”
22-23 June 2015 (Vienna / Schloss Hof)

Encountering cultural differences in every setting (thus also in a business environment) can bring unexpected and undesired issues, which could hinder your business. This seminar will focus and enlighten some inter-cultural differences, and show how these differences can be turned into synergies to enrich your team or enterprise.

The French prince Eugene de Savoy fled France and offered his skills to the Austrian emperor; becoming the most successful military commander and the wealthiest person in the empire and being resourceful even outside his regular position: thinking out-of-the-box, multi-cultured, never afraid to take a chance.

In this inspirational ambiance, we offer our 2-days seminar with short lectures and active exercises, plus some cultural surprises as a reward for the participants’ efforts. After the two days, you will certainly apply the newly acquired skills immediately and see the difference yourself.

(Language: German)

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